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How to add a contributor to your Wix website

  1. Enter your wix site dashboard

  2. Click on "Site actions"

  3. Than, click on "Invite People"

  4. Enter the Contributor Email

  5. Check the Role you want to give him/her

  6. Most of the time Website Manager is enough. No need an Admin role.

  7. Click "Send Invite"

  8. In the final pop-up, check the reason for the invite.

  9. Click "Done"

  10. Screenshots attached

P.S 1

By adding a contributor in your account he/she will net be able to access your payment settings! do not worry about it. Also, the contributor will not be able to change the website ownership.

P.S 2

By adding as a contributor ( Website manager role ), you will get some privileges from Wix, since you are under my account. So, it is pretty nice when i will stay there. If you have any question about this process, let me know.

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