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How to add a contributor to your Wix website

  1. Enter your wix website dashboard

  2. Click on "Quick Access" ( Bottom left )

  3. Then, click on "Invite People"

  4. Enter the Contributor Email. To add me, enter:

  5. Check the Role you want to give him/her

  6. Most of the time Website Manager is enough.

  7. Click "Send Invite"

  8. In the final pop-up, check the reason for the invite.

  9. Click "Done"

  10. Screenshots attached

P.S 1

By adding a contributor to your account he/she will net be able to access your payment settings! do not worry about it. Also, the contributor will not be able to change the website ownership.

P.S 2

By adding as a contributor, you will get some privileges from Wix, since you are under my account. So, it is pretty nice when i will stay there. If you have any question about this process, let me know.

Whatsapp me, Click here:


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